Low Mood

Are you feeling low in mood?

Low Mood

Feeling low?

Low mood can look different from person to person; most commonly the changes we see are;

  • Finding less pleasure from previously enjoyed activities.
  • Feeling lonely even with others.
  • Feeling more irritable or frustrated.
  • Finding yourself criticizing yourself more frequently.
  • Feeling numb, flat or going about your business at a different pace from usual.
  • Changes to appetite and sleep.
  • Feeling tired and fatigued.
  • Finding it difficult to think clearly.

Our mental health can change day by day, hour by hour and this is perfectly normal. We measure when to seek help based upon the principles of Impact, Severity and Frequency.

If your mood is impacting thoughts and feelings most days, and is having an unwanted impact on you being able to live your life, it may be helpful to receive some support.

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