Interpersonal Therapy (IPT), North Tyneside

Interpersonal Therapy (IPT)

Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) is a talking psychotherapy treatment that aims to improve your quality of relationships with people. Furthermore, IPT helps you to find ways to cope with distressing situations.

Relationship issues and negative relationships, while they may not be the cause of the problem, tend to be a side effect of it.

In many cases if the relationships and relationship issues can be addressed and strengthened. In addition Interpersonal Therapy can greatly help you overcome many obstacles. Similarly people will become an important support network when the recovery process begins. 

Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) typically focuses on the following relationship areas:

How else can Interpersonal Therapy help?

Additionally Interpersonal Therapy is used to treat depression and major depressive disorders. However, it can treat several other mental health and physical disorders including:-

As a matter of fact Interpersonal Therapy works to reduce and eliminate the side effects of these problems. You will leave your sessions with strategies to cope better and ways to minimise triggers.

By the same token IPT focuses on your life and relationships in the present to resolve them, in contrast to counselling or CBT it does not concentrate on past history.

At Blue Talking Therapies we recommend you have a session with a therapist once a week.

We recommend a maximum of 16 sessions with each session being approximately 60 minutes long.

If you are unsure whether Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) is right for you, have any questions or are having trouble deciding between which therapy or counselling is right for you, feel free to contact us on the below email and we’ll be happy to help.