Whether it’s at the park, on the beach, in the car or online – you’ll get your much needed therapy sessions, no matter what the challenges.

Psychotherapist and co-director, Johnny Morton, talks about the essential flexibility of Blue’s successful therapy. As the UK begins to open up again, the phrase ‘hybrid working’ has been all over the news lately as offices and businesses try to ensure they can offer a combined home or remote/workplace-based service. Whilst many providers cancelled services during […]

What Santa can teach us about the power of our beliefs…

Leading up to Christmas, I wanted to share with you the simplest yet profound analogy I use most days when helping clients understand Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Santa Who is he?  What is he?  Does he really have the power to get to 7.594 billion homes in the space of 24 hours?  How does he know […]